What is Maori Tattoo Design

Maori Tattoo DesignIn this maori tattoo design article i am going to let you know a few things about Maori Tattoo Art and what you should try not do.

 This is important especially if you are looking at having a unique and great looking maori tattoo design

Maori Tribal Tattoos found here

Maori Tattoo Design There are many mistakes people make when getting traditional maori tattoo designs and i hope that by the end of this article you will avoid the most common mistakes made by most people these days.

  These days with the ever growing popularity of tattoo art amongst all cultures through our increasing multi cultural society, traditional maori tattoo designs seem to be the choice of tattoo at the moment, almost like a fashion statement.

Maori Tattoo Design In fact traditional maori tattoo designs are some of the most popular tattoo designs around and there's a valid reason why traditional maori tattoo art is so popular in our current multi-cultural societies.

 Maori Tattoo Design In today's world with so many tattoo artists and so many people looking to get tattoo art, you will find them going through and looking at other cultures in the hope of borrowing or worse of stealing other peoples designs to come up with their own tattoos. This can lead to artistic flair, but not so when choosing traditional maori tattoo designs .

Maori Tattoo DesignTo understand traditional maori tattoo designs you need to understand traditional maori terminology. As you know if you were learning about science or any field there will be terms associated with that particular study and so it is with  traditional maori tattoo art. The ta moko is the name of the family identification of Maori that form part of the group known as whakapapa.

 The reason it is important for maoris to know their family history is important especially when they were waring amongst each other over the centuries and before their arrival of the shores of new zealand.

  There are still Maoris that can trace their history with these maori tattoos, some chiefs can look at a Maori tattoo design, read it like a book, they do this by feeling the texture, looking at the design and the precision that went into getting the tattoo and will be able to trace back some of these Maori family trees. There are designs that date back over a 2,000 year period in maori history, these chiefs have the skill and ability by looking at the design and are able to tell how far this tattoo dates back to or this particular design origins.

 What most people don't realise when looking at a design is that they tell a story, though they look like a swirl or twirl to us, they actually tell a full story when you know how to read these tattoos.

  So you have learnt about the "ta" form of the maori language now its time to introduce the "moko" part, that is the important part as it involves the chiseling of the tattoo into the skin.

  So you think that getting a tattoo by today's standards is painful, well traditionally the maori made deep cuts into the skin using brutal tools and yes also the bones of albatrosses, for the maori to be able to distinguish themselves from the other tribes they used the color of the ink to tell the family history and the patterns on the skin would then allow someone to interpret the family history of these patterns.

 What this would essentially do for some one, is that they would, if they were an elder be able to tell the history by looking at the design the moko and of course the patterning of the skin. There is a common misconception around the world thinking that maori tattoos in their original sense were only done on the faces, however this is not true, they were also done on peoples bodies, what this allowed them to do was distinguish their chiefs or leaders by having these markings on their faces

 There are so many people copying maori tattoo designs these days, many people think there is no harm in doing this, at first sight but is it really ok to steal other cultures identities?

One should never just take words, images or symbols from the maoritanga or Maori culture without knowing what they are doing, as to the Maori this is seen as an insult, can you imagine walking around with some maoris family history? One thing not to do is to go out into the world of maori tattoo designs and just start copying any design, this could lead to a situation of stealing some maoris family tree

  How would you like to know what maoris really think about other cultures and especially now the western cultures stealing their identity and culture?

  The word "pakeha" might not mean anything to you as a westerner however in the maoris language it is associated with negativity, those that never ask for anything and simply take.......

..........without asking! Wouldn't you say that this sounds more like stealing someones culture? Well this is what the maori think of other people and especially the western world for taking their tattoos, they feel that not only did they loose their land but also now they are loosing their culture of tattoo designs

  One thing that is annoying many traditional maoris as mentioned, is the stealing of these tattoo designs and the reason that it is annoying them, is the fact that they foresee a day when the maori will have lost everything, they believe they have lost their land, now they are loosing something that makes the maori for who they are today, and that is the maori through their tattoo designs, they feel that this is the last thing to go in terms of spirituality before they have lost all to the west, which is quite sad as all cultures on earth are only bound as a culture through their individual rituals and unique flair such as tattoos in the maoris case.

  So how will this effect your decision when getting Tattoo Maori Designs?

  The safest thing for anyone like you to do is to perhaps look at a few designs for inspiration but try never ever to copy the design like it is on maoris in newZealand.

The quickest way to get a traditional maori tattoo design would be to contact someone in new zealand who is in charge of a tribe or a tribal tattoo artist and ask if the design that you are looking at is not someones design already, though this might seem dumb as mentioned we have to be sensitive to a culture that has shrunk over the last 200 years, with the internet this could be done in a matter of hours Maoris are really only annoyed when you just take, they might even grant you a special maori tattoo for asking, do you want to know how many people would actually ask for a design?

Not many! That's right if you ask you will more likely be given the go ahead for a special maori tattoo design, this way it will be even more unique and you will have a one of a kind maori tattoo design that you can be proud of.


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Horse Tattoos

It might appear out from the ordinary so that you can see an individual with horse tattoos on them merely simply because it's not the typical styles you might see on individuals. Nevertheless, there's a cause why particular individuals get these horse tattoos on their our bodies and in the event you see 1 sitting subsequent to you who has it, then you are able to presume that this kind of an
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Hot tattoos from Prague, CZ by Zhivko

View All Photos | Darecki handD thanx bro D | Zhivko
Darecki hand:D thanx bro :D
View All Photos | guest spot at First Class Tattoo ,Regensburg | Zhivko
guest spot at First Class Tattoo ,Regensburg
View All Photos | Zhivko

View All Photos | Prague tattoo convention | Zhivko
Prague tattoo convention
View All Photos | Prague tattoo convention | Zhivko
Prague tattoo convention
See more HERE
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Brandice's Family Ink

I met Brandice in Penn Station back in August, as she sat on the stairs by the New Jersey transit terminal. She shared her half-sleeve-in-progress on her right arm.

This is the inside of the arm:

Brandice explained that her work is a tribute to her family. The Confederate Flag is a nod to her family from the South, most of whom come from Virginia.

I had to ask if she had any reservations about inking the flag on her arm, since some people see such a symbol in a negative light. She acknowledged that she took this into consideration, but decided that it is part of her family history, and that when she explains this to people, they understand. She does not wear it to make a statement but, rather, to honor where her family is from.

The "Daddy" is a memorial nod to her father who passed away and the phrase "Family Tradition" reinforces the central theme of the tattoo, and further acknowledges her Southern heritage.This is an allusion to Hank Williams, Jr. and his song (and album) "Family Tradition".

On the second part of the tattoo, the design is filled with additional meaning, with her cousin represented by the skull,

and the skull with the bow represents herself. The banner bearing the initials MLC is a nod to her grandmother. She has used symbols to represent the living and names for those who have passed.

The dogwood flowers in the tattoo have religious meaning as well, in addition to being the state flower and state tree of Virgina. The magnolias are also shout-outs to her southern family heritage.

Brandice has about eight hours of this tattoo done so far, all by Dan Paone at White Lotus Tattoo and Art Gallery in Tom's River in New Jersey.

Thanks to Brandice for sharing her tattoo steeped in family traditions with us here at Tattoosday!
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Tattoo Conventions this weekend November 5 - 7, 2010

_3rd Florence Tattoo Convention

_17th Annual Inkin' The Valley Tattoo Convention

November 5th - 7th3rd Florence Tattoo ConventionItaly
November 5th - 7th17th Annual Inkin' The Valley Tattoo ConventionUSA
November 6th - 7thInternational Tattoo Convention ViennaAustria
November 6th - 7th9th Tattoo Convention KielGermany
November 6th - 7thWildstyle & Tattoo Messe Tour 2010 @ StuttgartGermany
November 6th - 7th5th Osasco Tattoo FestivalBrazil
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Tiger Tattoo Design

One of the most common type of tattoos today is Tiger tattoo design. It represents the basis for the force but also can have other meanings. Of the Japanese Samurai, and was used as a slogan Tiger. If you are considering getting a Tiger tattoo design you should know that usually aimed at very large size. Where most of it picked up in the biceps, because of the meaning which is the primary
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F****ing Awesome skull tattoos from artist Jeff Gogue

skull tattoo
Wow, check out the skull on a skull...

If you want to buy some of Jeff's great art, get his book CALVARIA: the latin word for skull.. more details HERE.

See more of his art at
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Ever see a Zombie Homer Simpson tattoo? funny shiz from loltatz

"Hey Simpson! I'm feling a mite peckish, mind if I chew your ear?"
Stephen Hawking tattoo?

Oh dear lord... no
Sweet merciful Jesus, are those dermal anchors? F*ckin' gross man. What are you sixteen?

See more at
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Tips for Choosing Cool Tattoo Design

Cool Tattoo DesignSelecting images for tattoos are more challenging than deciding whether you even have to get a tattoo. That's because the tattoo is the picture you will live with for a very long time. It is important that you like your tattoo and that he has some kind of meaning to you. While it takes some people a few days to pick a tattoo idea, it takes another few months.

Cool Tattoo DesignTo select a cool tattoo idea, began to remember what you want to express through tattoos. In this way, you can narrow your search and find the perfect image. Other things to consider is the location of the tattoo, your gender and resources for inspiration.

Cool Tattoo DesignThere is something unique about every person who can turn into a picture. Here are some cool tattoo ideas:

* If you enjoy the outdoors, you can choose a picture or a very interesting abstract from a tree or flower.

* If you are an artist, you can select images from an important tool the artist uses. Better yet, you can tattoo any part of your favorite art on your body.

Many people * have a particular artist, poet or famous people they look for inspiration. You could tattoo an artwork from other artists or a quote from a writer.

* Another idea popular tattoo is the graffiti can be very creative.

* Tribal or Celtic tattoos are cool ideas that could turn into creative art pieces. Tribal tattoos can be Chinese, Indian, Native American, Latin American, African in origin.

* Look into the history of art can provide creative ideas tattoos are also cultural.

Abstract pattern * is always unique tattoo idea for the body.

* Offer is written in other languages are not only beautiful but also interesting.

* Combine two different tattoos to make one image.

Design Your Own Tattoo

Cool Tattoo DesignAnyone can go to a tattoo parlor and see the tattoo image gallery for ideas. These images may have a tattoo on someone else and not as original. You can see other tattoos for inspiration, but the artwork really shines when you own.

It has become very popular for people to create their own designs for tattoos. This adds a personal touch and make the tattoo more meaningful. To create your own design, it is helpful to think of a theme that reflects your personality or your life. Then, you can come up with images that express these ideas.

Cool Tattoo Design

Tattoos are works of art created in the body, which is a type of canvas. A place in the mind or in the real world, there is inspiration and creativity cool tattoo idea that you can display on your body. Take time to choose a tattoo that you like and see a lot of sources for ideas.


[1] Emanuel Vang,
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We just got back from Vegas here are a couple fliks just to give you a preview.
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Video of the 2010 Inkbomb tattoo convention in Korea

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Here is a recent piece on a client who came in from Boston to get a remix on a piece he got back east in the 90's.
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John Shares More Than Just a Fly on the Wall

I met John walking down 7th Avenue in the upper 20s back in the beginning of September.

He has six tattoos, but it was this one, on his left side, that I spotted through the hole cut in the side of his t-shirt:

Fans of the popular British graffiti artist Banksy will recognize this as a tattoo based on his work. Another Banksy-inspired tattoo appeared here on Tattoosday in October of 2009.

Why this design? Aside from the fact that John likes the imagery, he especially likes the dripping effect at the bottom of the piece, as if it was spray-painted on. He also related to the ape's sign that reads "Laugh now but one day we'll be in charge".

The piece was inked at Tattooville in Neptune, New Jersey.

Here's a shot of the original Banksy work:

John offered up, an additional tattoo, as well:

Yes, that's a fly tattooed under his right armpit.

John explained that this was tattooed by an artist under the moniker "Porkchop" at Asbury Park's Parlor Gallery. It was part of an occasional event called "Fly Day Friday".

If that sounds bizarre, it gets even crazier. If you present Pork Chop with an item that was bought for under $5.00, and he finds it valuable, he will trade it for one of his fly tattoos.

John successfully presented an item and got the tattoo in exchange.

"What did you offer?" I asked.

"A sock puppet," he replied.


Thanks to John for sharing these unusual tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!
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Here is a piece from the archives for you guys.. Good Times, Bad Times with a twist!
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The Homie from Bowtie South came thru to add a piece to his collection dedicated to his daughter.
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Lucy Liu Tattoo

Lucy Liu is a fabulous American actress, featured in films such as Charlie's Angels, Chicago and Kill Bill.

Lucy Liu has been photographed and photoshopped with fake tattoos in the past, however the actress is believed to have a real tiger tattoo, located on her lower back.
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It's not often that I get someone to share facial tattoos here on Tattoosday, but the occasion arose last month while I was browsing at one of my favorite inkspotting locales, the Borders in Penn Plaza.

I was lucky to meet Catanya, who I noticed had interesting markings on her face, and I was compelled to ask her about the ink. She gladly posed and told me a little about the designs.

Catanya explained that she got her tattoos in the 1970's in New York. She was involved as a dancer in the art scene and eventually married a photographer and relocated to New Mexico and currently resides in Baja, California.

She referred to herself as a "gypsy tribal belly dancer hula hooper" and explained that the design on her forehead is a yin-yang, the tattoo on the right side of her face is Apache feathers, and that the left side and chin are Moroccan in their origins.

Catanya also told me that she had been photographed by someone named Stanley Stellar many years ago here in New York, and that he might have photos from those early days.

Thinking it would be great to have a photo of Catanya from when she was much younger with these tattoos, I tracked down Mr. Stellar and asked if he still had access to his photographs. He completely came through and forwarded this shot:

I certainly feel  fortunate to be able to share photos of the same tattoos, separated by thirty-three years.

Such an opportunity allows us to see an example of how one person has aged gracefully, along with her tattoos.

Catanya subsequently emailed me and elaborated on her tattoos and their history:

Back in the early 1970's I was part of a "tribal style" group of dancers and musicians from all over the world. The main things we had in common were our love of the Dance, world music, colorful costumes and even more colorful life styles. That included Henna, Kohl rimmed eyes and LOTS of Tattoos! We also sported plenty of nose jewelry!   The tattoos for all of us were personal and also tribal, (as can be seen in India, Morocco and other  exotic places around the world.) I do not think that any of us took our tattoo ceremonies lightly. 

I received my first tattoos in Venice, Calif. in 1973.

I like to think of it as an initiation ceremony. It was wonderful! Lots of music and dancing and plenty of red wine and good herbs.

My tattoos were applied the "old fashioned" way. India Ink, a needle and a broken pen.

They were done by two brothers from Cuba. They were also fantastic Conga drummers!

A few years later, I had a few more tattoos added to my collection. These were executed by a wonderful tattoo artist, Boyd, in Taos, New Mexico.

I do not regret any of my tattoos and find as the years go by that I am actually "earning" them. I am becoming them. They ARE a personal manifestation of my journey in life.

As my friend Walter once said to me, (referring to my Eagle feathers tattoo), "Catanya, when I look into your eyes, I see that you are growing your real Eagle feathers."

Walter Chappell and Catanya, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1985
© 1985, 2008 Robert Saltzman
The photo above was taken by Catnya's husband about eight years after Mr, Stellar's photo, with the late photographer Walter Chappell, their friend quoted by Catanya in her testimony.

I want to profusely thank Catanya for allowing me to photograph her and for sharing her tattoos with me, and all of us here on Tattoosday! It's an encounter like this that really stands out among the hundreds I have had over the last few years. To be able to see how someone has so gracefully and proudly worn their tattoos over time is truly an honor and a blessing.

I also want to thank Stanley Stellar for sharing his photograph of Catanya from so many years ago. You can see more of Mr. Stellar's photography here. Be sure to check out his wonderful tattoo photos under the "images" section.
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Happy Halloween from Tattoosday!

Here at Tattoosday, we're celebrating Halloween by posting the spookiest tattoo seen in the last month or so. Well, maybe not the spookiest, but certainly the most holiday-related tattoo:

This was offered up by Robert, who I met in Borders Penn Plaza last month. And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is Frankenstein driving a Chevy (that's the stick shift he's gripping). Robert credits Adel at Addiction NYC with this tattoo.

Thanks to Robert for helping us celebrate Halloween here on Tattoosday!
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