Gretchen's Shrine for Federico

I spotted Gretchen in the Penn Plaza Borders and asked if she'd share the tattoo on her upper left arm. She gladly agreed:

This piece is an homage to grandfather Federico. She remembers that he introduced her to nature, so she included natural elements like plants and butterflies. Gretchen also added a replica of her grandfather's tattoo, which was inked with the name of her grandmother, Hermes.

This is one of about  ten tattoos Gretchen has, and she had this done at Liquid Skin Studio, in Inwood, on the north end of Manhattan.

Gretchen is an artist that works with craft and jewelery. You can see her website here.

Thanks to Gretchen for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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Eye Tattoos

Searching for a scary and down right eerie tattoo? Well have you ever considered getting an eye ball design? These eye tattoos are some of the creepiest designs we've ever see, with most of the artwork based on the human eye, we also see quite a few animal optics from time to time, like the cat and reptile in the picture gallery below.

As if these tattoos weren't already strange enough, some folks like to take it a step further and compliment their ink with some blood, a freaky hand or other macabre ideas.

As you can see the back and back of the head is two of the most popular locations for eye tattoos, and i can see why, they look beyond creepy on those areas of the body.

Another rather common tattoo design is the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power, known as the eye of horus. Said to bring fourth protection and prosperity among other things.

One of the most underrated tattoo ideas has to be the feline eyes, and unlike humans, feline peepers are very attractive and quite sexy, perhaps an excellent idea for the ladies.
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Dave's Portrait of His Great-Grandfather

I spotted Dave at the end of July while picking something up at the 34th Street K-Mart.

He kindly shared this wonderful portrait of his Great-Grandfather, tattooed on his forearm:

His grandfather was originally from Cuba, immigrating to the United States in the 1930s.

And although he passed in 1994, Dave recalls something his grandfather always said: "it's never too late, until you're dead".

Tattooed by Lalo Yunda at Sacred Tattoo NYC, Dave has the pleasure of carrying his very important ancestor with him, wherever he goes.

Thanks to Dave for sharing his inked family heritage with us here on Tattoosday!
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Took a quick break to go check out a Muay Thai champion take another Victory..
Thanks to Tat for treating us as special guest.
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Extreme Tattoos

For most people, getting a tattoo is a rather daring decision to make, however for other people its simply a walk in the park, but for the people listed below its a way of life. Extreme tattoos at their finest!

Extreme tattoos can be characterized in many ways, whether its a complete facial design, a full body piece or even something freaky like eye ink, these macabre tattoo extremists will stop at nothing to feed their hunger for body art.

Just checkout this picture gallery below and it will completely blow your pants off!

Extreme body art is often seen on incarcerated individuals who find solace in this hobby while serving their sentence.

Extreme tattoos are also seen on a variety of other people from various walks of life, including carnies, punks, goths, gang members and people who enjoy body modifications.

If you ever encounter one of these kindhearted souls, just run, run as fast as you can, but lets face it these people have subhuman strength and they'll surely catch you, and perhaps eat you...
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Edward Gorey's Insect God Graces Katie's Arm

So yesterday I met someone with two lovely tattoos based on the art of Edward Gorey, but you're going to have to wait to see them.

Rather, meeting those tattoos reminded me I had another Gorey tattoo to share, one that I met a month ago today in Penn Station.

Katie has seven tattoos and is a fan of Mr. Gorey. It was this piece on her right bicep that caught my attention:

From the Gorey book of the same name, this is the "Insect God". This cool tattoo was inked by Chrys Goldberg at Bushido Tattoo Studio, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thanks again to Katie for sharing her insect deity with us here on Tattoosday!

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Its been a couple days in Thailand and you know the Machines didn't stay back in L.A.
Here are a couple fliks of the first tattoos on one of my VIP clients Pok. One piece was inspired by his musical roots and the other is the country code for Thailand.
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Elephant Tattoos

Elephant tattoos are undoubtedly beautiful, however these designs are rather uncommon in the world of body artwork. But perhaps one of the most commonly seen elephant tattoos is the Hindu god known as Ganesha, a figure portrayed to have four arms, a large stomach, one tusk and a big crown atop its head, among other detailed characteristics.

The traditional elephant is also seen from time to time, perhaps designed in the classic circus attire, a unique and unnatural color or maybe even a standalone portrait of the mammoth grey land mammal.

Enjoy this picture gallery of marvelous elephant artwork which is surely a great first step for discovering lovely artwork ideas.

Elephant tattoos look outstanding with other large African animals such as the giraffe.

I hope these excellent high quality design pictures help you uncover some sensational ideas for your own personal tattoo.

As you may know, elephants are the largest living land animals around today, and only three species are left in existence, which are the African bush, the African forest and the Asian/Indian elephant. So perhaps a tattoo of these beautiful creatures will trigger awareness for their well being.
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