Hello Polaroid, Goodbye Kodak!

Just a service note. The official camera of Tattoosday has been upgraded from a circa-'05 Kodak Easyshare (took a lickin' but kept on clickin') that snapped decent 4.0 megapixel shots, to a fancy-schmancy Polaroid 7.0 megapixel t730.This upgrade comes courtesy of two friends, who generously pooled their resources, and bought this for me on my birthday. They are awesome, not only for giving me such a cool and much-needed gift, but because they have been tremendous supporters of Tattoosday from the beginning. Tom and Sephora are their names, and I want to thank them all over the place. Sephora, actually, was the subject of Tattoosday's first post, back when it was an aspiring spin-off on BillyBlog.

Tom's ink appeared early on, here, back in September 2007 in this blog's infancy.

Thanks to both of these dear friends, who are affianced, by the way. Their generosity and support of the blog are above and beyond the norm. They are exceptional friends, and I formally extend my gratitude.
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Amanda's Tree of Strength

It seemed quite appropriate that, as I had some guests over to celebrate my birthday, Amanda, a friend of my wife's, was sharing with me a tattoo she had inked as a 30th birthday gift from her husband.

I'm fairly certain that this is the first one of these tattoos appearing here and, when I say, "one of these," I am referring to the type of tattoo that looks like it has been painted on in a watercolor style.

This was inked by Adam at Electric Rose Tattoo in Olympia, Washington. According to Amanda, Adam has tattoo training in Japan, and this watercolor-style piece certainly evokes cherry blossoms.

Amanda elaborated on the origins of this tattoo. In 2001, she was dating James, who would eventually be her husband. She had become pregnant and suffered a miscarriage in September, and this experience, after they had been dating for only seven months, was very traumatic for them.

She has other tattoos (this one was number six), and she wanted something to mark the moment, to memorialize the difficulty of the situation that was such a touchstone for emotion at the time. As the years passed and she thought of the occasion for this tattoo, searching for what she thought was the appropriate art to base it on, she envisioned a tree from which to draw her strength.

Then, in 2004, she found the image upon which the tattoo was based, on a thermos, of all places. Amanda knew instantly that this was the art she wanted on her back. She finds that it symbolizes the rebirth of her self and represents what could have been, had she not miscarried. She recalls that this was more painful than any of the other tattoos she has (three on her ankle, two on her hip) and that the emotion behind the piece helped her transcend the pain as part of the healing process.

It's a beautiful tattoo with deep meaning, and I thank Amanda for sharing it here on Tattoosday!
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You may recognize this from the bottom of the page (or for long-time readers, it once served as the masthead).

This is my second tattoo, inked in July 2005, by Peter Cavorsi at Body Art Studios in Brooklyn. I brought him this art as reference, and he ran with it, customizing it to more closely reflect my younger daughter's blonde hair, and her affinity for Green Day, at the young age of six.
It's my birthday today, and I'm fresh out of new material, so I thought I'd fall back on me. Thanks for reading Tattoosday!
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Tom's Arthurian Tattoo

I ran into Tom coming off of the subway at 86th Street in Brooklyn. He had several tattoos (four, to be exact), and he offered up the above one as a special piece. Do note that he said, as many people do, that all of his tattoos are special.

Tom told me this piece, on his right bicep, is a representation of one of the more famous aspects of the King Arthur legend - the sword in the stone. The sword of course, is Excalibur. Tom's parents, when raising him, gave him a thorough teaching of the Arthurian stories and the lessons from these tales carried with him through to his adult life.

He indicated that the colors of the stained glass behind Excalibur are significant in that the blue represents courage, the red represents honor, and the purple represents valor. He had this inked the year that his father passed away from cancer, in part, as a tribute to the morality with which he was raised by his parents.

The tattoo artist was Mike at a shop that closed its doors many years ago (somewhere in the vicinity of 18th Avenue and 77th Street in Brooklyn).

Thanks to Tom for sharing this tattoo with us here at Tattoosday!
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Fabiana's Saraswati Tattoo

First of all, let me first thank all my visitors who helped me get 10,000 hits in the month of June alone. That's more than the first five months of Tattoosday (September '07 to February '08, combined). I am grateful for your interest and hope you continue to visit us here.

Above is another one of Fabiana's tattoos. It is located on her inner left bicep and is the Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of arts, knowledge and music.
Fabiana first learned about this goddess while reading a Tori Amos book (probably this one) and thought Saraswati "was so beautiful....I knew she would bring me strength and knowledge".

This piece was inked by Lou Andrew, the owner and artist at Third Eye Tattoos in Brooklyn.

Fabiana's ink has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks again to Fabiana for sharing her body art here! If you like her ink, don't worry there's more appearing here later this month!!

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Because She Said So

I spotted a woman on 86th Street in Brooklyn on Sunday with two visible tattoos. She had an intricate piece on the back of her shoulder, but she was wearing a lace shirt that would have required removal for me to get the photo. This picture above, however, was on her left bicep, and she was kind enough to let me snap a picture.

Some people can talk for hours about their ink, and some don't say anything. She gave me an approximate location of the shop where she had this done, 20th Avenue and 71st Street, which is very close to Kings County Tattoo Company, so I will make an educated guess and credit them for this piece.

When I asked the woman what was the significance of the phrase "Because I said so," she just looked at me with a sly expression and said it was a message "for my husband".

To see other work from Kings County Tattoo Company that has appeared on Tattoosday, click here.
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Jessica Follows Up and Shares a Little More

Last Tuesday, I met Jessica outside of Madison Square Garden before a Pearl Jam concert. I posted a few of her 49 tattoos here.

Since then, we have exchanged e-mails, and I have updated the previous post, which now includes a link to her MySpace page (and photos of ALL her ink).

But for the purposes of Tattoosday, I am posting photos of three more pieces.

She told me "If I had had a tank top on ya coulda taken pics of my two favorite tattoos".

First, at the top of this page, is one of the seven crows she has inked. This is on the right side of her back and is called "Caw Caw Bird". The artist is Thomi Hawk from K&B Tattooing in Hightstown, NJ.

The second crow she sent me is on her left side, near her collar bone. She calls this "Hiya Kung Fu Karate Chop Crow" and she inked it herself, using a mirror. Quite impressive.

And finally, I featured a "sliver" of a sleeve on her right forearm. This is one of the finer pieces she has (that I personally observed). She passed it on for our appreciation here. They are her geisha and foo dogs.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her ink here at Tattoosday. Remember, you can see all of her tattoos over at her MySpace page. We're hoping she'll let us know when she gets tattoo number fifty!
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