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Juliette Lewis Tattoos

Juliette Lewis is a talenetd American actress and singer-songwriter, known for her role in the movie Cape Fear and Natural Born Killers, also known as the singer of rock band Juliette and the Licks.

Juliette Lewis has three confirmed tattoos which we known about, including an unknown design on her right butt cheek.

The lovely actress/singer also has a cute little bunny rabbit tattoo on her left wrist, which she calls My Melody. Plus a small heart on her upper back.

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Jess Shares Her Colorful Rooster

I met Jess last month and, still using a loaner camera, managed to get a shot of one of her three tattoos, located on her right forearm:

Aside from the fact that the picture is not ideally crisp, one can still see how beautiful and colorful this tattoo is.
The inspiration came from a book of Chinese propaganda posters.

Jess noted that she asked the artist, John Reardon at Saved Tattoo, to give the rooster a "gentler eye" which she hoped would "embrace [its] masculinity while poking fun at it". Reardon's work has appeared previously on Tattoosday here and here.

Thanks to Jess for sharing this lovely rooster with us here on Tattoosday!
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Zoe's Tattoo Makes the Cut

I spotted this superbly-done tattoo on Zoe's upper left arm last month in the New Jersey Transit waiting area in Penn Station:

Straight up and simply, these scissors represent Zoe's tat-tool of the trade - she has worked as a hairstylist for two years.

She credits Mike Lucena at Fly Rite Studio in Brooklyn for the tattoo.

Thanks again to Zoe for sharing her scissors with us here on Tattoosday!
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Jared Leto Tattoos

Jared Leto is an American actor and musician, known for his role in the movie Alexander and Requiem for a Dream, plus he is also the singer-songwriter and guitarist of rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Jared Leto has been spotted with a few tattoo designs, including a large circle and X located on his left forearm, this design is the Echelon which is part of the bands iconography.

The singer/actor also has a couple other tattoos, one being on his inner right wrist and another on his neck, which i believe is the symbol of the bands glyphs.

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We Interrupt Our Regularly-Scheduled Program for a Word from a Tattooed Poet...

Those familiar with Tattoosday know that April is dedicated to the tattoos of poets, in honor of National Poetry Month. It only seems fair that, six months on the other side of the calendar, we let one of our contributors from this past April share her newest tattoo.

Theresa's original post can be seen here.There you will also find links to her beautiful online literary magazine The Holly Rose Review, which combines poetry and tattoo art. Sadly, Holly Rose has ceased publishing, but Theresa remains a lovely supporter of Tattoosday, and her new tattoo is quite fetching. Let's take a look:

Photo courtesy of Theresa Senato Edwards
I would also like to acknowledge that there, on her other leg, is a tattoo that says "life" in pink, with the ribbon representing breast cancer awareness acting as the "l" in life. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seems doubly fitting to share this photo here, even though the post is more about the paisley design.

But I'll hand the explaining over to Theresa:

It took quite a few months before I finally found the right tattoo artist to do my new tattoo: a ¾ calf, color, black, and grey shading of paisleys, thorns, and teardrops. And without naming names, I approached quite a few artists, either by phone, e-mail, facebook, or in person. Some said yes but then decided it wasn’t a tattoo he/she wanted to attempt, or said the tattoo would be limited because of price, or yes but, oh, the shop only takes cash. Or yes, but maybe hold off from getting the grey shading...

Other reputable tattoo artists were recommended to me, and, hey, I’ve met a lot of great tattoo artists online because of Holly Rose Review, but, honestly, I didn’t want to schlep too far from home.

My oldest son, Richard, told me to check out Graceland Tattoo in Wappingers Falls, about 20 minutes from Poughkeepsie—yay! no schlepping! I went to the website, checked out the artists’ work, saw that they were very decently mixing color and grey shading, went to the shop.

Long story quick—the shop was clean, bright, and bouncy and Shane behind the counter was great. But when I talked to tattoo artist Diego Gonzalez about the tattoo I wanted, that’s when I felt confident that I had come to the right place and that he was the one to do it. He was non-judgmental and very helpful.

And throughout the entire experience: tattoo prep/design—discussion of what I wanted, where, and why (both in person and e-mail)—and both tattoo sessions, Diego was patient, kind, and very professional.

Much respect and thanks go out to Uruguay-born Diego Gonzalez, who has been tattooing 12 years, 9 years professionally, the last 3 out of Graceland Tattoo; who also enjoys watching Syfy movies and Science channels; and who feels that “nature is the greatest muse.”

Photo courtesy of Theresa Senato Edwards

Theresa sent me an excerpt from what she e-mailed Diego prior to their sessions, which gets closer to the core of the idea behind the tattoo:

"...just wanted to tell you why i'd like to get this tattoo. maybe this will help you as you finish drawing it. to celebrate turning 50, an age that i didn't think i would like too much, but i do. in india the paisley symbolized a time of harvest, and for me it is a positive symbol of a fruitful transition. yet the thorns are to show the pain that comes with life and what we endure before we learn and change, the tears (tear drops) to show the emotions. but tears and thorns both spill into those paisleys: that "hope" in which outweighs any despair. the art should say beautiful yet brutal--not necessarily a pretty, frilly tattoo but one that's pretty with touches of "darkness," if that makes sense...”

We were originally going to run this in August but, as Theresa best can explain, "Being a perfectionist that I tend to be (not always a good thing), I realized after getting this tattoo that the pink just wasn't bright enough in the bottom paisley. So I e-mailed Diego to ask him if he could touch it up. He kindly said yes and did a great touch up of that bottom paisley, free of charge, no less. Now it's perfect!"

Thanks so much to Theresa for sharing her lovely new tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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Here is a piece on a client who came out from Japan..
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Full Body Tattoos

No matter what the art, craft or competition may be, there is always going to be certain people who insist on taking the norm, and elevating it to a new level of pure insanity, and these overly daring individuals are sometime referred to as extremists.

And while tattoos and extremism usually aren't two words you hear uttered in the same sentence, these artsy dare devils below have taken the concept of body art to a whole new and uncharted territory of no return, or at least any chance at restored normalcy.

This picture gallery below contains some of the most tattooed men and women alive, including from left to right, the Guinness world record holder, Lucky Diamond Rich, Tom Leppard and Julia Gnuse.

Full body tattoos like the ones seen above, cover almost every inch of visible flesh except small facial areas around the eyes, like in the case of Leopard Man and the Illustrated Lady on the right.

What possesses these tattoo obsesses enthusiasts to venture down the road of full body art, you ask? Well each and every one of them has their own separate story behind their quest for complete bodily artwork, however i personally believe they all have one thing in common. Hugs, and not enough of 'em...

So the next time you think about going all out and getting a full body tattoo, perhaps reconsider and simply enjoy this little picture gallery of the most tattooed people in the world. It should hold you over until you grow outta this extremely mind numbing phase, which we all go though at some point. Wink wink...
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Rebecca's Memorial Butterfly

I met Rebecca a couple months ago in Penn Station and asked her about her tattoos.

Of the eleven, she shared this one from her leg:

This beautiful, yet battered, butterfly is a memorial to her unborn child. She lost the baby when she was just nineteen. The cherry blossoms are often symbolic of the fleeting nature of life.

The tattoo was completed on October 13, 2007 by Nate Hudson when he was at Virginia Beach Ink. He now tattoos at Folk City Tattoo in Suffolk, Virginia. As today is October 13, I've been hanging on to this post, not only to correspond with the day the tattoo was finished, but also the due date of the baby that was lost.

We here at Tattoosday truly thank Rebecca for sharing, not only this poignant tattoo, but also for allowing us to relate the emotional story behind this butterfly.
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Trip out on one of the latest pieces..
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Brock Lesnar Tattoos

Brock Lesnar is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, known for his work with UFC and WWE.

Brock Lesnar has quite a collection of tattoos, including a large back piece design which consists of a monstrous demon skull and sword in the middle, alongside a armless hand on each side.

The round mound of muscle also has the predator movie creature on his left shoulder, plus a skull on his right shoulder.

He has a large sword with knuckle grips on his chest, which starts at the neck and reaches his abdomen. Brock also has an unknown lower back tattoo, which has been spotted by a few fans.

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Tom Leopard Man Leppard Tattoos

Tom Leppard, perhaps better known as the Leopard Man of Skye, is an English citizen who is best known for spending £5,500 to have his body covered in leopard print spots.

Tom Leppard was once considered to be the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the worlds most tattoos, however Lucky Diamond Rich now has the record.

Full body tattoo with exception of facial area around his cheeks, chin and ears.
The leopard man on the prowl in his natural habitat.
Near complete body artwork including full sleeves, legs, chest, back, head, feet, torso and pretty much every bodily crevice there is to see.
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Madison's Classy Bicycle

I met Madison last month on the 59th Street subway platform in Brooklyn.

She has "9 or 10" tattoos and selected this one to share:

I don't generally describe the people who volunteer their tattoos here, but it's worth noting that Madison is petite, which ties into this tattoo. She rides a bicycle, although the one pictured here is more of a vintage-style two-wheeler.

When I asked why it says "stay classy," she laughed and said, "I'm a tough little chick, but I stay classy".

This tattoo was inked by Victor at Studio Enigma in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Thanks again to Madison for sharing her classy tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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We just got back from the Vegas Super Show. It was a crazy weekend but it was good to spend time with the Family and My Club Brothers.. Congrats to Rick, Bobby Flowers and Brandon on the awards. Here are a couple fliks of the show. Look out for more later.
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Téa Leoni Tattoos

Téa Leoni is an American actress who has starred in films such as Deep Impact, Fun with Dick and Jane and Jurassic Park III.

The actress appears to have two visible tattoos on her body, including a wedding band design on her left hand, which she shares with her husband David Duchovny. Téa Leoni was recently spotted with an anchor tattoo located on her lower hip, along with some unknown wording.

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Carlos Leon Tattoos

Carlos Leon is an American actor and personal trainer, perhaps best known for his relationship with singing sensation, Madonna.

Carlos Leon is known to have three tattoos on his body, including the zodiac sign of cancer on his back left shoulder blade and a native american chief head on his left shoulder.

He is also said to have a tattoo that reads "September 8 forever", which is the day he met his former significant other, Madonna.
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Marilyn Hangs Ten

I met Jenny last month in Penn Station and was thrilled when she allowed me to photograph her half-sleeve, which is one of her fourteen tattoos:

How cool is that? This piece represents about twelve hours of work. Jenny had the basic idea and went to Jonathan Leonhardt at Something Wicked Tattoo in Roseville, California. The rest, as they say, is history.

The concept behind this is simple. Jenny is a surfer and she loves Marilyn Monroe. Why not combine the two to create a unique tattoo to make a statement? This is such a cool piece, I was honored to get tp share it with everyone here at Tattoosday.

Thanks to Jenny for sharing her amazing work with us here on the site!
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William's Museum of Art

I met William on the A train one Sunday morning. He was covered with tattoos. When I asked him how many he has, he replied that he had "never counted".

As many of my subjects can attest, when I meet people with a lot of ink, I ask them which one they'd like me to post on the site. William offered up a tattoo he has of Marilyn Monroe, as seen by Andy Warhol. But, as such a tattoo has appeared here before (see Nina's ink here), I asked for something else. He let me choose this piece, a tattoo of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat:

A closer look:

This is based on Basquiat's artwork, which is most recognizable from its appearance on the cover of a Maya Angelou children's story.

William also let me take a picture of his name on his hand, which appeared in Ina Saltz's Body Type 2:

William credited the Basquiat tattoo with David Sena at North Star Tattoo in Manhattan. Work by David Sena appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks to William for sharing his tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!
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