Flag Tattoos

Not surprisingly, flags of all countries are extremely popular among tattoo enthusiasts, especially those who have a true passion for patriotism.

There are plenty of cool tattoos that go hand in hand with flag artwork, including eagles for America, clovers for Ireland and crosses for Scotland, plus cross designs are great additions to just about any flag tattoo.

Another trend that has become quite popular is the 3D flag ripping through flesh effect, which is rather common with a host of different artwork ideas. Enjoy the picture gallery below.

As you can see, the upper arm is one of the most requested locations for many of these designs, followed by the back and chest for larger masterpieces.

Besides the representation of your country of choice, we often see a variety of other culture inspired flag tattoos, such as military, religious and pirate designs, just to name a few.

Flag tattoos aren't always presented in a patriotic or flattering fashion, from time to time we'll see burning and torn designs that portray a sense of unrest rebellion or perhaps simply satirical rubbish. But to each his own, i suppose.
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Chloe's Patriotism

When I met Chloe back in July, I didn't think that the tattoo she offered would be saved for an anniversary, or a special occasion, but that is how it played out.

In fact, when I approached her in the Union Square Barnes & Noble, I was more interested in a design on her thigh. However, she dismissed that tattoo, one of her first, and offered up this relatively crude rendering of the American flag:

By crude, I mean unpolished, and I do not mean it disrespectfully. For Chloe disclosed that this was a "stick and poke" tattoo that she and her friend Luke had given one another when in school.

Chloe was a Visual Arts major and explained that, in college, everyone seemed to be "poo-poohing on America," and this bothered her.

It is occasionally the case where college students, from their campuses, speak out against our country.

But Chloe and Luke wanted to make their own personal statements. "We do have a lot here," she told me, and expressed her dismay at those fellow students who seemed to take our freedoms for granted.

Chloe loves American culture (especially Westerns) and is "super-jazzed about Americana".

Despite the fact that it was not professionally done, it seems appropriate that this tattoo appear here on Patriot's Day, on a day on which we give pause, and remember what America is about. Our freedom is not something to take for granted and, whereas we certainly have a right to voice our discontent with the government, we should also not take for granted the freedoms we do have, those that make us who we are.

Thanks to Chloe for letting us unfurl her flag here on Tattoosday, on this day in which we should all pause and reflect, remembering how fortunate we Americans are to live in such a wonderful country.

I also encourage people to check out previous Patriot Day posts here, here and here.
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Here are a couple chest pieces we didn't show you on twitter.
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The Tattoosday Book Review: Driven to Ink, A Tattoo Shop Mystery

Earlier this week, author Karen E. Olson released the third installment of her Tattoo Shop Mystery series, Driven To Ink.

For those readers who may not be familiar with Ms. Olson's series, you can check out my reviews of the first two books, here (The Missing Ink) and here (Pretty in Ink).

The series features Brett Kavanaugh, a Las Vegas-based tattoo artist, and a cast of supporting characters, from her police officer brother Tim, to fellow artist and competitor Jeff Coleman, owner of the shop Murder Ink. Kavanaugh's staff at The Painted Lady, a high-end tattoo shop at the Venetian Hotel and Casino, also offers up some memorable characters, including Bitsy, the diminuitive shop manager.

Driven To Ink, like its predecessors, has an "only in Las Vegas" feel, with a well-crafted narrative that, this time around, revolves around a drive-thru wedding chapel called "That's Amore" that features a handful of Dean Martin doppelgängers crooning, you guessed it, "That's Amore".

Olson has once again spun a riveting tale, which finds Brett Kavanaugh discovering a dead Dean Martin imperspnator in her trunk, with a tattoo machine's clip cord around the victim's neck. She had just lent her car, a Mustang Bullitt, to Jeff Coleman's octogenarian mother, Sylvia, so she could get married in style at the That's Amore chapel.

What I love about Karen Olson's books is that tattoos are seen above and beyond base clues in a murder mystery. She treats the vocation with utter respect, explaining things to the reader as if they were new to a tattoo studio. Tattoos may serve as clues, but they are not regarded as these huge totems that define their owners.

Brett Kavanaugh is an enjoyable protagonist, not without faults, and the author let's the reader tag along on her adventures that start off innocently enough, but pull her into deeper and deeper water. It's no surprise that one of the recurring characters is an Emergency Room doctor, as medical attention seems to be needed from time to time, making this mystery series ring truer than one in which the hero (or heroine) dances through their adventure unscathed.

Olson's first book in the series was a novelty. A new mystery with tattoos at the center of the narrative. After three volumes, Brett Kavanaugh seems more real, more human, than ever before.

A word to the skeptics, those tattoo snobs who may scoff at the light-hearted appearance of these books: Karen Olsen has given a gift to the tattoo community in the form of Brett Kavanaugh. Driven To Ink is another great mystery, with a respectful and honest portrayal of one artist/sleuth who just happens to be a tattoo shop owner.

I have enjoyed every one of Ms. Olson's books and Driven To Ink is yet another chapter in the fascinating life of Brett Kavanaugh. I'm looking forward to her next installment which, I am led to believe, is tentatively called Ink Flamingos.

Check out Karen talking about her first Tattoo Shop Mystery here:

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We took a stroll through Shibuya crossing & had a feast at Moti which serves the Best Indian food I have ever had.. Trip out on the crazy vending machines they have all over the city.
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Fleur De Lis Tattoos

The Fleur De Lis is a historic stylized lily or iris flower that is commonly used as a decorative symbol spanning across many countries and cultures, said to symbolize royalty, perhaps best known for gracing European coats of arms and flags over the years.

The Fleur De Lis has been referenced countless times throughout both ancient and modern history, on television and in movies, plus many people in north america recognize this symbol as the official logo for the New Orleans Saints football team, as well as the state symbol of Louisiana.

As you might expect, the Fleur De Lis is a tremendously popular tattoo design, which is sought after by a variety of different people for various reasons. Enjoy this beautiful picture gallery of excellent tattoo ideas.

Since the Fleur De Lis is admired by so many different cultures, we often see a wide selection of custom tattoo designs with quite a combination of colors, along with specially added artwork.

These pictures above display the more traditional tattoo designs, without all the bells and whistles and added color.

Another interesting fact about the Fleur De Lis was told by French historian Georges Duby, and he said the three leaves represented the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed.
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Here is something we are going to start bringing you..
Just to kick it off right we are gonna start with a couple advertisements of the "new"
1958 Chevy Impala.
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Orphans: Heather's Cowgirl

Here's another orphan post. I took the picture, got the name, a shred of info, and passed a flier. And even though I saw Heather, the host of the tattoo, a week later, walking by me one day in a hurry, I never got to the bottom of this tattoo. So it goes....

Heather credited this to an artist named "Joanne" with a long French name. Any guesses? Anyone?

Let's find this Orphan a home....
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Fire and Flame Tattoos

Fire and flames tattoos are quite common and look sensational as stand alone artwork, often designed as partial sleeves which begin at the wrist or perhaps at the ankle for leg artwork.

And while fire tattoos look exceptional by themselves, we commonly see fire artwork combine with other designs such as the devil or other demonic art, as well as the mythical bird known as the phoenix which is typically portrayed with flames.

Gather some helpful tattoo ideas by scanning through this nice little picture gallery below.

Another popular design which consists of flames is the Roman Catholic inspired sacred heart of Jesus Christ, and this particular tattoo design is very popular among the Latin community.

Other objects that look nice with fire ink include cherries, baseballs, cars, dice, clovers, eight balls and other lucky items such as playing cards and casino related stuff.

Fire and flames tattoos have also been said to symbolism strength, sensuality and desire. Plus this style of art is quite fitting for both men and women.
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Orphans: A Native-American Sleeve on Seventh Avenue

A few weeks ago, I was walking up Seventh Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets, when I spotted this peeking out of a guy's shirt sleeve:

I stopped to ask him about the tattoo. Or rather, asked him if I could take a picture, when he revealed that it was much larger than it appeared poking out of the sleeve on his left arm:

Sadly, I gave him the Tattoosday flier and asked him to e-mail me so we could discuss it further and he a) lost the flier or b) decided to forgo contacting me. So, I have no idea who he is, nor can I credit the artist, whose work is pretty darn impressive.

When this happens, I dub it an "orphan" post, but obviously, despite the lack of details, it's still worth sharing.

Thanks to the anonymous contributor who allowed me to take photos of this great tattoo and share it with us here on Tattoosday!
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