Tattoos I Know: Jeff's Lifelong Long Life

Tattoosday is back after a November hiatus. If you want a further explanation, check out BillyBlog. Pickings have been slim, but I still hope to present a tattoo or two through the winter months. I have a few posts stored up to carry us through December......

Today's tattoo is from a co-worker named Jeff.

This piece is on his upper right arm. He got this at a tattoo shop in Rhode Island about a dozen years ago when he was 19. He'd always wanted one and designed this "under the influence of narcotics".

He thought it had meant "life-long" but found out later that it meant "long life". I have neither the time nor the wherewithal to fully research kanji mysteries like this. Here's one example of a stock "long life" kanji:

I don't see the similarities, but at least it doesn't mean "cow," like previous tattoos I have featured.

Either way, thanks to Jeff for sharing his tattoo!
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Lost Angel Wall

If your Down Town check out the lost Angel Wall.
You might of seen this mural before ? Cos everyone loves to do their photo shoots, album covers, print adds, music videos and commercials, etc etc in front of it. The only problem is that every one forgets to write me a check after they have used my work, they must think they have won the art lottery. Toon$
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Bombing Itlay

Nike flew me and Estevan out to meet with DJ Clark Kent in Milan Italy for the Nike Air force 1 conference. We hooked up with Milan local Fly Cat and went bombing in a old school yard, we then binged on a margarita pizzas and pasta.
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2nd side of 64 hard top

Murals are halfway done will not get them finished until monday afternoon, send you more flics then
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Estevan Oriol Bill Board

Check his blog out at.
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Cartoon / Syndicate Vans SK8 HI "coming soon"

Once again the homie Berto from Supreme hooked it up with another project from Vans Syndicate, if your real about getting these shoe contact the Supreme store on Fairfax in the city of Los Angeles. Please don’t hit me up asking how to get these shoes, I am not a foot looker salesman and this is not a champs blog, ha ha ha. Don’t sleep these shoes will go fast.
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Progress homies, 1 side of the 64 finished

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Late Night Novel

Still here working on this graphic novel, getting closer and closer but still have along way to go, their are no short cuts with this kind of work. More flics coming soon. Stay Up Toon$
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1964 Impala super sport hard top

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