6am in the city that don't sleep

Just finished the homies piece,damn that piece almost killed me,so much work in so lil time....dont trip I'll be back in 8 hrs to do it all over again,,,but Im gone at 8pm to watch the De la Hoya v.s Packman fight at the 40/40 club baby, its on foos.......C
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Check out this remix I did today,it feels good to add a frame around an old tattoo & give it life...its all about that RSP,ha,ha...remember to Respect Spanish People.........C
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Young Drew from Ohio drove 7 hours to get back to NYC his home town, and it was worth the drive to get this ink......

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Alejandro Ingelmo Flew back from Italy to catch us in NYC

New York Based Shoe and accessory designer stopped by to get some work done, after supporting a Cartoon logo for the past 5 years he has now added some serious ink to his collection.
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Tommy Gun's from Queens...

Tommy Gun came through thanks to the number one stunner Gaby SRC Records, I know we will be seeing the east coast crew out in LA very soon!!!!
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Chris finished up with the second cherub of the week out here on the East Coast

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Chris from the Maritime Hotel in NYC, came through to get some serious work done..Thursday has begun...

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Jill's Right Leg: One Post Leads to Another

The previous post featured the "Eld Sigul" insignia attributed to Stephen King's Gunslinger, of The Dark Tower series.

As I had mentioned, I was able to locate the artwork on which this earlier tattoo was based, but the specific source of the new design eluded me.

So I popped into the local Borders and, after wandering a bit, found the Horror section wherein the King books resided. I perused the covers but, alas, no sign. I was about to leave when a store employee named Jill popped up and started straightening books next to me.

And she had ink.

So we got to chatting. She has seven pieces in all, three of which I saw. She has designated a theme for each of her arms and legs. I had noticed the pin-up on her right forearm first, which turns out is her Celtic-themed limb. She isn't happy with the red in the dress, so that piece is technically a work-in-progress. Her left arms sports some kanji, as part of her Asian-themed limb.

Her left leg is desert-themed, as a tribute to growing up in Arizona. Which brings us to her right leg. Jill has that part of her body designated as water-themed. She went to her favorite artist Shaggy at Rings of Fire Tattoos in downtown San Antonio, Texas, and told him she wanted a tattoo to fit the theme. He had drawn this design with the octopus and she loved it. The rest is history:

I love how the octopus is staring out the eye socket of the skull. It's an amazing effect.

Thanks to Jill for sharing this awesome piece with us here on Tattoosday! Here's hoping she'll be back on these pages for a return engagement!
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Check out the finished product Alex put some good time in NYC, Alex is my hero not bad for a first tattoo...

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NYC Wednesday ( Alex from Germany drove in for some work) T.B.C

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Karen's Colorful Ink Glows in More Ways than One

Autumn has not been good to us here on Tattoosday. Inkspotting has been, um, spotty, at best, and most of the work I have seen has been indoors and/or below ground.

On Tuesday, I glimpsed some color peeking out from a woman's sleeve as she walked south on Seventh Avenue.

When I stopped to talk to her, Karen was gracious, despite the chill in the air, and filled me in on the two pieces (yes, just like last Tat-twosday) on her right wrist:

Karen is a student at Fashion Institute of Technology and was inky of another sort, with smudges on her hands and arms from her projects. She is an artist specializing in textile surfaces, designing such things as wallpaper, tissue boxes, and other items requiring her craft. She cleaned some of the ink up from around her body art, enough so we could get a clearer shot of her tattoos.

The one on the left is the insignia from the Gunslinger's revolver featured on the covers of Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

This is referred to as the "Eld Sigul" insignia and stands for the Gunslinger. I'm sure fans of the series will correct me and/or expand on the topic should they find that explanation lacking.

Do note that we had a Dark Tower tattoo recently on these pages, here back in October.

What's noteworthy about this piece is the ink used has special qualities. Karen originally wanted a hot pink tattoo, but the shop (Skin Deep Tattoo) had just received a shipment of ink that illuminates under black light. I've not seen one of these in person, but have seen samples elsewhere in the blogosphere.

The other piece, on the right, is a "third eye" designed by the artist Alex Grey, who is renowned for his cover art for the band Tool:

In fact, this "third eye" piece is from the art of the Tool album Lateralus:

This, also, was worked up at Skin Deep. Karen believes that Rob was the tattoo artist for both pieces. The extreme close-up at the top of this post emphasizes how vivid the ink used in the piece is.

Karen has two other tattoos, but they were well-protected from the elements, and were not visible higher up on her arms.

I do thank her again for being so amenable to stopping and sharing her work with us here on Tattoosday!
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End Of The Day Report Tuesday

The 2 Naw-T Girls came through and got some sick script, the tattoo is script from a note that their mother wrote to them as a spiritual reminder to keep focused and the world is in your hands.
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Tuesday NYC, Bar Pitti, and the Libreros sisters

We Started off the day at the famous Italian restaurant Bar Piti, and then made our way to the studio, todays clients are The 2 naw-t sisters from Montreal.

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Jacob and his Bro from Vinnies Styles

The first evenings work from NYC, Jacob and his Brother came through and got hooked up, check out there latest collection of my work. Toon$
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Work in Progress

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We missed our flights on Sunday and caught the red eye into NYC, landing monday AM crashed out at the Maritime for a hour and then back on the grind again.
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Tattoos from the Blogosphere: Matt's Canva Gypsy Head

We're revisiting an old friend, Mat, whose last piece posted here, will link you to two previous posts as well. Mat had dropped off my radar a while, but these photos remained in my inbox, awaiting to see the light of Tattoosday.

Here's the finished piece:

Mat explains, "I've attached a new leg piece. I got recently of a cavna gypsy head. Dustin Golden from Roanaoke, VA. was doing a guest spot [at 713 Tattoo] and had a last minute cancellation. I jumped on it."

What is a "canva gypsy head"? I'm still not sure, but Mat responded to my recent query for further clarification on the motivation behind the piece: "That Kafka mask was sort of a "gypsy" phase (which I am finding myself in now again). The real shiner of that piece was Dustin's red inks, which he mixes himself."

Indeed. The piece just jumps out at you like a bolt of light in a dark alley.

Thanks again to Mat for sharing and illuminating his ink for us here on Tattoosday!
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