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Nicholas Lemons Tattoos

Nicholas Lemons is an American model, known for his work with designers such as Dolce & Gabanna, Emporio Armani and Van Heusen.

Nicholas Lemons has a half sleeve tattoo on his right arm, which connects to another design on his chest. The sleeve design contains a dragon, lotus flower, kanji symbols and a bamboo background. The chest tattoo is a cubist style face.

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Happy Birthday, John...

On what would be John Lennon's 70th birthday, we'll pay a tribute with this tattoo I spotted back at the end of July:

This tattoo belongs to Julia, who I met on Penn Plaza outside of Borders near Madison Square Garden.

This is her first tattoo, and it is based on John Lennon's artwork, one of his self-portrait sketches.

Julia is named after the Beatles song "Julia," which Lennon wrote about his mother.

The tattoo was inked at Tattoo Seen & Body Piercing on East Tremont in the Bronx, New York.

It seemed appropriate to hang on to this post until John's birthday, as a special way we here at Tattoosday could honor the great musician's memory.

Thanks to Julia for sharing this tattoo with us and allowing us to honor the memory of the Great John Lennon on what would have been his seventieth birthday!
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Jackie's Bouncing Lyrics

At the beginning of the week, I posted Jackie's beautiful tattoo and didn't include some work on her wrists that I also photographed:

These lyrics, "What are dreams for anyway/without the guts to live your life that way," are from the song "Highway Kings" by The Bouncing Souls, from their 2003 album Anchors Aweigh.

Thanks to Jackie for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!
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We are back at the shop and it feels good to be back home. Here is a flik of the first piece.
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Jessica's Floral Half-Sleeve

A trip to the Fairway market in Red Hook last month was not only remarkable for the experience with the cheese monger, but because I met Jessica, the owner of this beautiful tattoo:

I love the variety of flowers, colors, and textures:

Jessica credited this work to Greg at Planet New York Tattoo in Poughkeepsie.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing this beautiful tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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Chyler Leigh Lower Back Tattoo

Chyler Leigh is a lovely American actress, featured on the television series Grey's Anatomy, and she also starred in the movie entitled Not Another Teen Movie.

Chyler Leigh is known to have a single tattoo located on her lower back, the design is some type of artsy cosmic inspired masterpiece, which includes two creatures, stars and a night sky background.

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We are coming back to the East Coast and we got a spot for you!!
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Melanie's Phoenix Helps Her Rise Above

I met Melanie in Penn Station and had to stop her to ask about this colorful phoenix on her back:

She originally had just the Yin and Yang tattoo, but expanded the work to include the legendary bird rising through the ashes. To Melanie, this represents being "better and stronger" after picking up the pieces from life's challenges, overcoming difficulties and rising above everything.

The tattoo was inked by Rick Schreck at House of 1000 Tattoos in Middlesex, New Jersey.

Thanks to Melanie for sharing her cool phoenix tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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John Leguizamo Tattoos

John Leguizamo is an excellent Colombian-born American actor, comedian and producer, known for his role in movies such as Super Mario Bros, Romeo + Juliet and Land of the Dead.

John Leguizamo has been spotted with a couple of tattoos, one of which is a Aztec design located on his right shoulder. He has also been seen with a 3D spiderweb tattoo on his chest, however this design was for the movie, Spun, and is believed to be temporary.

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Check out some more fliks from Asia
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Sew You Want a Cool Tattoo? Check This One out from Vicky...

I met Vicky back in August outside of Penn Station and marveled about the colorful vibrancy of this beautiful tattoo:

Vicky explained that she is a seamstress for a new company called Cupcake Provocateur. Check out their site, it's pretty cool. Vicky's boss, Cynthia, is the brainchild behind the business, designing all of the aprons and other housewares, as well as making the cupcakes. There are several tattoo-inspired apron designs on their site, including this one, which would make a great holiday gift, no?

But back to the tattoo, Vicky hopes to grow this tattoo into a half-sleeve, and it started out as a design that she had Angelique Houtkamp design for her. "It wasn't drawn exactly the way I wanted it," Vicky explained, so she took it to Sunday Dawne-Marie at Skinflower Cosmic Arts in Phoenecia, New York and, she continued, "Sunday went with my basic idea, an antique sewing machine in a cameo, and re-drew and re-designed the entire thing."

I am most familiar with Sunday's work at Lark Tattoo on the poet Adam Deutsch.

Thanks to Vicky for sharing her amazing tattoo with us here on Tattoosday! We look forward to seeing the sleeve grow in the future!
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Shakara Ledard Lower Back Tattoo

Shakara Ledard is a lovely Bahamian model and actress, perhaps best known for her work with Sports Illustrated and Maxim magazine.

Shakara Ledard has a single visible tattoo, which is located on her lower back and appears to be a tribal design of sorts, perhaps a horned animal of some kind?

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Jerry Lawler Crown Tattoo

Jerry "The King" Lawler is a legendary American professional wrestler, commentator and actor, who has won more than 140 championships over the course of his lengthy career.

Jerry Lawler is known to have a single tattoo located on his left wrist, and the design is a small kings crown. Checkout the pictures below.

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Jackie's Vintage Postcard

I caught up to Jackie after she passed me in Penn Station and I was delighted when she agreed to share her tattoo with us:

It's a truly remarkable piece, and I was thrilled to hear it was tattooed by the amazingly talented Amanda Wachob at Dare Devil Tattoo in New York City. She is well-known for an amazing eye for detail for tattoos that appear as if they were just painted on. I mean, look at this delicate touch on the back side of the piece:

Jackie explained that the tattoo is inspired by art in a book of vintage, early 1900's postcards that she found from Pleiades Press. She credited S. Solomko as the artist who created the original piece which inspired this tattoo.

She loved the vintage appearance of the original and Asked Amanda to recreate that feel.

She also loves, from an artistic perspective, the female form, and the sensuality of the peacock feathers fanning out at the bottom of the tattoo.

Again, I can't help but marvel at Amanda's artistry and how she paints on a tattoo:

Thanks again to Jackie for sharing her amazing tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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While you are at your nearest Starbucks dont forget to pick up the newest release by our friend Zac Brown...
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Sandra's Cherry Blossoms

I met Sandra at the local laundromat at the end of August and she shared this lovely tattoo on her upper right arm:

There are two elements to this design, the cherry blossoms and the quote. The cherry blossoms were inked after her father was initially diagnosed with cancer. The quote was added when Sandra decided to move to New York from Oregon.

Reading "When your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme...", this quote is from the film Pinocchio, in the song "When You Wish Upon a Star".

The tattoo was done by Dragon at Star Tattoo, in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks to Sandra for sharing her lovely tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Here's a little bonus:

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