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In a day of Remakes and Special effects, its hard to take your kids to see a good film. So here is another classic for all of you to watch with the family.
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The Tattoosday Event and Book Review - Body Type 2: More Typographic Tattoos

I'll be honest with you. Last year at this time, I had no idea who Ina Saltz was, nor had I ever seen her book Body Type, a volume dedicated to typographic tattoos.

Then, I met Elizabeth, a typographer who has all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet tattooed on her body in random spots. The day I met her, she was planning on meeting Ms. Saltz to discuss her work. Her lettered ink also reacquainted me with the talents of Stephanie Tamez, a tattoo artist, who is regarded by many, including Ms. Saltz, as one of the best at inking words, although that's certainly not her only strength as a tattooist.

Meeting someone so passionate about typography and ink prompted me to go out and get a copy of Body Type and I loved it. As you'd imagine, I was thrilled to see its sequel in stores recently. And when I was alerted by the Needles and Sins blog to Ms. Saltz's upcoming appearance at a Manhattan bookstore, I jumped at the opportunity to go.

After a slight detour to the wrong Barnes & Noble (fortunately only 13 blocks away), I found my way to the store's event area and found a seat. I chatted briefly with a student of Ms. Saltz, who wears two Arabic script tattoos on the inside of both wrists. However, I noticed that, as the room filled, the audience appeared (key word appeared) slightly less inked than I would have imagined. I later learned that there were many of the author's colleagues from City College in attendance and that there were also quite a few tattoos tucked away under clothing.

Ms. Saltz was introduced and gave a brief twenty-minute presentation. She discussed the book and showed slides of many of the tattoos, and some others, that have appeared in the two books.

A Q & A session followed, revealing that many in the audience were not all well-versed in the art of tattoo. There were questions about permanence, the whys of tattooing (including one asking why Ms. Saltz had no tattoos - the answer: she doesn't like needles) and one gentleman's inquiry about how to find a good tattoo artist. Body Type certainly has a broad appeal, drawing in typographers, graphic designers and other "type geeks".

Photo © 2010 Ina Saltz

Ms. Saltz talk went over many of the "types" of type tattoos - the literary (like the Walt Whitman excerpt, above), ambigrams, and ink that focused on fonts, just to name a few. She emphasized that possessors of type tattoos tended to all have some level of college education, holding degrees, or even advanced degrees. The implication, and a fair one I think, is that such tattoos are more intellectual in nature than, say, a half-sleeve of flowers or grinning skulls.

But as passionate as she is about fonts and designs, the audience could certainly tell that the stories behind the tattoos were a bonus that infused them with a much greater emotional weight.

Take this example:

Ms. Saltz related the tale of an Australian woman who came to New York in 2006 to meet her at a book signing at Cooper Union. The individual was battling cancer and had tattooed song lyrics on her forearm in a beautiful script. Ms. Saltz's voice strained with emotion as she recalled how the woman had warmly thanked her for writing the first Body Type book, which gave her strength as she struggled with the disease. The accompanying text from the book delves deeper:
“This is from the Lou Reed song, ‘I Believe in Love.’ I love music and I love red. Three months after I got this tattoo I was diagnosed with breast cancer and two months later I found out I have secondary cancer in my bones, which is incurable. I have up to eight years left, so everything in my life has been put into sharper focus. I live life now; that’s my job. Now, looking back, my tattoos seem almost like a premonition, ‘music, music, music, it’ll satisfy your soul . . . ’ is a permanent marker of what is important to me and a reminder to follow my heart’s desires.”

Such passion, not just for the tattoos, but for the motives that drive people to decorate their skin, appeal to me as someone who appreciates a tattoo much more knowing what has inspired it.

After the presentation, the audience lined up and my friend Janet joined me. Janet is an early subject of Tattoosday, and even has a type-ish tattoo (see her post here). A tattooed woman named Izzy in front of us overheard me talking to Janet about Tattoosday and we quickly struck up a discussion.

Izzy is working on a fascinating project in which she is hoping to catalog tattoos with the Library of Congress. Fascinating and certainly quite ambitious! We spoke at great length, both before and after meeting Ms. Saltz, discussing tattoos and our respective endeavors.

When it was my turn to meet Ms. Saltz and have her sign my copy of Body Type 2, I introduced myself and told her about Tattoosday.

Photo by Janet Loder-Berthelon

She was happy to hear I had heard about her through Elizabeth and how difficult it would be to include all of her typographical tattoo, all twenty-six parts of it, in a book form.

© 2009 Tattoosday

It was wonderful meeting the author whose books originated a lot like Tattoosday's first inspiration. She saw the word "happy" in Helvetica typeface on a crosstown bus; I was haunted by a woman's gorgeous Keith Haring chest piece at the 2007 Siren Festival on Coney Island.

I recalled one of my favorite tattoos from the new collection:

© 2010 Ina Saltz

Toward the end of her talk, Ina Saltz thanked many of her subjects who were in attendance that evening. One gentleman, smartly attired in a sport coat waved from the back of the room. Ina's face lit up and she identified him as the bearer of the tattoo seen earlier in her slide show, the owner of a Ann Sexton poem, excerpted on his biceps. "See," Ms. Saltz proclaimed, "looking at him, you wouldn't know he had a tattoo, would you?"

The crowd murmured its assent. I sighed, wishing he had been wearing a t-shirt so we could all see the poem again.

If you aren't familiar with The Body Type books, you are missing out on something special. They're lovely volumes dedicated to the wordy tattoos that I love so much.

And as a bonus, clicking here will show you a few dozen Tattoosday with the label "words".

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Gabby Celebrates the Beautiful Life

I met Gabby in the laundromat down the street.

She had this lovely tattoo at the base of her neck:

This translates, in the Italian, to "the beautiful life".

Simply, Gabby has Italian heritage and she had this done at Psycho Tattoo in Georgia at a particularly "good time in [her] life".

Thanks to Gabby for sharing her three words with us here on Tattoosday!

UPDATE: Right around the time I posted this, I had heard Ina Saltz discuss typographic tattoos (see my recap here). I have since discovered a cool website tool called WhatTheFont which helps identify typefaces based on samples that can be uploaded. Using this new tool, I have identified the font in Gabby's tattoo as Commerical Script Regular. That probably doesn't mean much to a lot of people, but it's pretty neat for those who may be interested.
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Natasha Henstridge Tattoos

Natasha Henstridge is a gorgeous Canadian fashion model and actress, featured in the movie Species and The Whole Nine Yards.

Natasha Henstridge has a couple of tattoos we have spotted, including a lion wearing a crown located on her left butt cheek, along with what appears to be the gender symbol of female on her lower back.

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Taraji P. Henson Tattoos

Taraji P. Henson is a wonderful American actress, featured in movies such as Baby Boy and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Taraji P. Henson has a single tattoo which she has recently added onto, the tattoo design is two rather large angel wings located on her lower back and now has a vine that sweeps around to her stomach.

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It was an honor to be invited by the organizers for the NHRA Motorsports Museum for their Twilight Cruise event. The event is held the first Wednesday of every month(April-December) So if your ever out in the exotic city of Pomona California come check it out.
Thanks to for the photos.

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Tattoosday Goes to Hawai'i: Jolie's Archipelago

It was the first episode of Miami Ink in which Ami James tattooed a huge piece on surfer Sunny Garcia's mid-section. The subject: the distinct pattern representing the view of the Hawaiian islands (video here).

It wouldn't surprise me if everyone from Hawai'i who has spent time away from "home" has, at some time, if they have a penchant for ink, considered such a tattoo. I know I have.

During my brief stay on Oahu recently, I saw several people with Hawai'i tattoos. But I only took a picture of one, the first I saw, on the calf of Jolie, while I milled about Ala Moana Center:

It seemed fitting to me that Jolie's island chain tattoo was inked not in the Aloha State, but across the Pacific, in Las Vegas, where she was living at the time.

A friend of hers there was tattooing out of a studio in his house and she got this piece because, in her words, "I missed home". Of course, I nodded in understanding.

A hearty mahalo nui loa to Jolie for sharing her Hawai'i tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
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Mandy's Leopard Stars

I spotted Mandy on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan last month and I had to stop her to ask about this, one of her three tattoos:

She came up with the design and made sure to include the leopard print that she likes so much.

She credits the artist Eric Newby at Ink Xpressions on Ringgold Road in East Ridge (Chattanooga), Tennessee.

You may notice another tattoo peeking into the picture, so let me show you the larger perspective and a glimpse of the piece to the left of the stars:

Mandy informed me later, via e-mail, that the floral piece
"was actually a stencil I found, and I really liked the design a lot. I had two black and white tattoos, so I wanted bright colors and we decided no outlines would look cool. It was a long process to get the colors I wanted to absorb, but it was well worth it in the end. The artist was Shane Hartline at Evermore Galleries in Chattanooga".
Thanks to Mandy for sharing these tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!
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Anne Heche Tattoo

Anne Heche is a successful American actress, featured in the movie Six Days Seven Nights and Psycho.

Anne Heche has been pictured while donning a large butterfly tattoo on her lower back, however we cannot confirm if this tattoo design is real or fake.

Let us know if this tattoo is real, using the comment form below.
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Salma Hayek Tattoos

Salma Hayek is a breathtakingly beautiful Mexican actress, featured in movies such as Desperado and Frida.

Salma Hayek doesn't have any real tattoos that we know of, but she has been seen with a couple of fake tattoos while filming movies and on the red carpet.

The fake tattoos she has been spotted with are, a tribal design on her stomach and a couple of butterflies on her shoulder and arm.

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Goldie Hawn Tattoo

Goldie Hawn is an amazing American actress, featured in movies such as Private Benjamin and The First Wives Club.

Goldie Hawn has a single tattoo which she had done on her 60th birthday while vacationing in Tahiti. The tattoo is a simple little heart on the top of her right foot.

She explains "It wasn't a plan, we were all together on my birthday, we were in Tahiti and my older son said, 'You know what would be really cool? Why don't we all get a tattoo for Mom's birthday?'"
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Here is some footage from the Bodega Gallery in Boston

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Tattoosday Goes to Hawaii: A Floral Sneak Peak @ O'Hare, Courtesy of Jennifer

When I first booked my trip to Honolulu and saw I had a brief layover in Chicago, I challenged myself to find at least one cool tattoo at the airport.

Lucky for me, I found Jennifer from Portland, Maine, sporting this lovely hibiscus foot tattoo:

The hibiscus being the state flower of Hawai'i, I saw this as a good omen.

Jennifer explained that she based the design for this tattoo on a photo in a magazine.

Why the foot? She had one tattoo on her back and "wanted one she could see".

This floral piece was inked in about two and a half hours at Pins and Needles Tattoo at home in Portland. Work from Pins and Needles has appeared previously on Tattoosday here.

Thanks to Jennifer for humoring this traveling inkspotter and sharing her hibiscus with us here on Tattoosday!
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Mike & Norma Share Some of Their Ink

I met Mike and Norma at a local drugstore in Brooklyn in early April and they both had amazing work they were willing to share.

Their post was preempted by the Tattooed Poets Project, so I thank them in advance for their patience.

Mike shared this enormous black panther tattoo that covered a huge section of his left calf:

Mike, who estimates he has about 15% coverage, also told me that this was a cover-up. "What did you cover?" I asked. "A dolphin with a tribal design," he replied. Norma indicated that covering that tattoo had been an excellent aesthetic choice.

Mike credits Chad Smith at Screamin Mimi Tattoo in Amarillo, Texas with this piece.

I then turned to Norma, who was gracious enough to share this incredibly beautiful geisha tattoo on her left calf:

Roxxy, an artist at Elite Tattoo Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas, free-handed the design. The Japanese characters form a haiku, the meaning of which Norma didn't have with her. Regardless, it's a stunning work of art.

Thanks to Mike and Norma for sharing a little bit of their extensive ink with us here on Tattoosday!
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Davey Havok Tattoos

Davey Havok is a excellent American rock singer, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band AFI.

Davey Havok has a tremendous amount of tattoos on his body, including two complete sleeves. Many of Davey Havok's tattoos are Halloween themed.

Here is a brief run down of some of Davey Havok's tattoo designs, six nautical stars and a flaming heart on his chest, huge angel wings covering his entire back, his left arm has a black cat, ghosts, praying hands of Jesus, pumpkins and bats.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a dark haunted looking city, Jack from the night before Christmas, brick wall, pumpkins, witch, along with several other tattoos.

Feel free to post more detailed information regarding Davey Havok's tattoos in the comment section below.

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Carey Hart Tattoos

Carey Hart is a phenomenally talented American freestyle motocross motorcycle and off-road racer.

Carey Hart's entire upper body including both arms are virtually completed covered in tattoos, sans his face and neck.

Here is a quick rundown of a few of his tattoo designs, checkout the great pictures below for more details.

Carey Hart tattoos: two cars, several flowers, dice, flames, clouds, triple sevens, star, castle, sacred heart of Jesus, evil smile with flames, roulette wheel, torch, skull, horseshoe, heart, Welcome to Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas, bird, luck and heart on knuckles.

One of Carey Hart's most recent tattoos is a morbid portrait of his wife Pink, located on his leg.

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Here are a couple of fliks of the Sanctioned 1960 Impala that we put together for TapOut a while back..

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